Mako Medical’s newly launched nutritional DNA test MakoDNA is a genetic test with a personalised meal plan specific to the nutritional needs of the body

Mako Medical Laboratories

MakoDNA, a new DNA test from Mako Medical Laboratories. (Credit: Mako Medical Laboratories.)

US-based analytic and diagnostic services provider Mako Medical Laboratories has launched its new DNA test, dubbed MakoDNA, with a focus on nutrition.

The company said that its newly introduced MakoDNA is a genetic test, designed with a personalised meal plan specific to the nutritional needs of the body.

Mako Medical CEO Chad Price said: “This is a first step in helping people understand exactly what foods they should eat so they can optimise health and performance. We spend so much time and money on our health without really knowing.

“This can be used to identify untapped potential between performance and genetic potential and could possibly be used as a factor to compare candidates for selection.”

According to the company, demand for nutrition has been growing, due to increased focus on natural or organic food, medical conditions including obesity, heart disease and blood pressure or the desire to improve physical or mental performance.

The scientific advancement in genetics and nutrition has created the understanding of the relation between genetic structure and personal nutritional requirements, facilitating the optimisation of human performance, in speed, muscular strength, endurance, and mental focus, through nutrition.

Mako Medical’s new nutritional DNA test MakoDNA is available in the US

The company will ship its MakoDNA kit to the home, where a swab is used to collect saliva, and the sample is shipped back. The company will analyse the DNA, and processes the identified genetic variations, using the algorithm-generating pipeline.

A nutrigenetic report will be generated, which offers the newly defined nutritional targets. The same data is also fed to the meal plan generator. At the end of this process, the client is offered a nutrigenetic report and a customisable meal plan.

MAKO DNA will be sold online through the company’s website and in pharmacies across the country, gyms and workout facilities, colleges and universities, and local medical providers.

Mako Medical claimed that it supports non-profits, hires military veterans, and supports Christian missionaries across the world.

MakoDNA president John Nguyen said: “This new test finally unlocks the code to understanding how to optimize nutrition and your specific needs.”