Grocery Delivery Services Now Available via Instacart to Individuals Participating in the Coaching Programs of Pack Health, a Quest Diagnostics Company, to Mitigate Social Determinants of Health Impacting Care


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Grocery Delivery Services Now Available via Instacart to Individuals Participating in the Coaching Programs of Pack Health, a Quest Diagnostics Company, to Mitigate Social Determinants of Health Impacting Care

Pack Health, a Quest Diagnostics (NYSE: DGX) company specializing in patient engagement, and Instacart (NASDAQ: CART), the leading grocery technology company in North America, today announced a collaboration aimed at improving both food access and healthy eating habits for underserved communities across the United States.

By integrating Instacart into Pack Health’s programs, the companies will deliver a complementary suite of services aimed at increasing access to the food, nutrition education and coaching support individuals need to build healthier habits. The collaboration combines the strengths of both companies to provide health plans with a comprehensive nutrition offering for their members. With this addition, Pack Health’s programs now offer not only education and behavioral coaching to inspire the adoption of healthier habits, but also directly address the pressing issue of access to nutritious food for those in underserved communities.

Through this relationship with Instacart, food insecure members enrolled in a Pack Health engagement program may receive same-day delivery of nutritious food designed to suit a member’s condition from local grocers through their health plan. Pack Health will also provide weekly one-to-one coaching services, shopping lists and recipes, and dedicated support to help members mitigate the impacts of social determinants of health (SDOH). All members enrolled in a Pack Health program are matched with one of the company’s in-house Health Advisors to guide them through condition-specific modules over a 12-week period. Members engage with Pack Health through a weekly phone call, two-way texts, and emails.

“We believe combining grocery delivery with nutrition coaching services can uniquely drive the adoption of healthy habits while teaching long term, sustainable behaviors to our members,” said Robert Ginter, Vice President and General Manager of Pack Health, a Quest Diagnostics company. “This relationship with Instacart will help food insecure individuals who are already managing their health through our coaching services change their lives for the better. We know that combining coaching services and access to fresh grocery delivery can be effective, and are excited by this opportunity to reach more people across the country who remain in need of this service.”

“Nutrition and health are deeply intertwined, and we believe there is an enormous opportunity to integrate food into healthcare to improve outcomes,” said Sarah Mastrorocco, Vice President and General Manager of Instacart Health. “Our mission is to give people access to nutritious food, and through Instacart Health, we’re dedicated to ensuring families not only have access, but also the resources and support needed to lead healthier lives. Through our collaborations, we’re offering user-friendly solutions that leverage Instacart’s reach, scale, selection and technology to address social determinants of health and make nutrition guidance from experts like Pack Health actionable.”

Instacart Health leverages the power of Instacart’s platform, products and partnerships to expand access to nutritious food, inspire sustainable healthy habits, and scale food as medicine programs across the country. Using Instacart Health’s suite of digital tools, health organizations can scale nutrition access and education programs that offer actionable medically tailored nutrition advice to members as well as the convenience of same-day delivery. For members who also are enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Instacart today offers online SNAP acceptance from more than 170 retail banners and 14,000 stores across all 50 states and Washington D.C., meaning 96% of SNAP households can access delivery of fresh and nutritious foods from local grocers via Instacart.

Pack Health is a patient-engagement company specializing in comprehensively addressing chronic conditions and comorbidities influenced by mental health, lifestyle behaviors, access to care and SDOH. The company employs certified Health Advisors trained across over 20 chronic conditions who engage, motivate, monitor and support individuals through a digital engagement platform, providing personalized content. To support its programs, Pack Health will leverage Instacart Health Fresh Funds, category-specific grocery stipends, combined with tools that help members act on Pack Health Advisors’ nutrition advice, including Lists for Nutrition, which can be tailored to a member’s unique dietary preferences and needs, as well as Shoppable Recipes to support meal planning.

Food insecurity is categorized by the lack of access to affordable, nutritious food. In 2022, almost 13% of households across the United States were considered food insecure.1 The inability to access enough food to support active, healthy lifestyles is often associated with increased risk for multiple diet-related health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, mental health disorders and other chronic diseases.

Pack Health first piloted a similar program to a group of over 500 participants in the Southeast, to favorable results, in 2023. In addition to improving the participating members’ physical and mental health, the combination of fresh grocery delivery with coaching services reduced food insecurity by more than half, from 42% to 19%.2 Research shows food and health are increasingly intertwined, with some chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes particularly impacted by a patient’s nutrition. For certain patient populations, meal home delivery has shown a 39% reduction in hospitalizations.3

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