Parker's Plant Based Foods' Quad Protein Smoothie is manufactured in a peanut-free facility and is non-GMO, vegan, and both dairy and gluten free


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New, patented PreforPro® prebiotic scientifically shown to support digestive and immune health

A rising trend in the U.S. shows that consumers continue to express interest in eliminating animal-based products in their diets to adopt a more plant-based lifestyle. As a result, there is significant demand for great tasting, plant-based foods that support health and wellness goals. In response to this, Parker’s™ Plant-Based Foods is proud to announce the introduction of its new Quad Protein Smoothie, containing the patented prebiotic, PreforPro®.

Parker’s Plant Based Foods’ Quad Protein Smoothie is manufactured in a peanut-free facility and is non-GMO, vegan, and both dairy and gluten free. It’s accessible for on-the-go and features two delicious flavors, vanilla and pumpkin spice, taking the everyday smoothie to the next level.

The Power of Science

Protein + Prebiotics + Fiber + Iron. PreforPro is scientifically shown to support the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Because it is not fiber or starch-based, it will not cause digestive discomfort, bloating or gas. Tests also show PreforPro is effective within hours and in very small doses.

Health Benefits Without Sacrificing Flavor

Safe and satisfying for the whole family. The Parker’s plant-based smoothie is a true meal replacement. With a clean label featuring only seven ingredients, 20 g of protein from pumpkin, hemp, flax, and chia, PLUS PreforPro and only 110 calories, it provides true health benefits without sacrificing flavor.

Convenience of Meal Simplicity

Good nutrition should be easy. Parker’s plant-based smoothies are packaged individually so consumers can throw a pouch into a bag and enjoy a tasty meal ready to go anytime. They are easy to make with water, a plant-based milk of choice or blended with added ingredients.

Focus on Sustainability

Responsibly produced protein to fuel daily nutritional needs. With a consumer focus on sustainability and climate change, it is a priority to source protein from plant sources like pumpkin, hemp, flax and chia seeds. Some seeds, like flax, are primarily used for oil manufacturing. After the oil is pressed from the seed, the protein is purified from the leftover material, creating less waste.

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“With PreforPro, our plant-based smoothie is scientifically one-of-a-kind,” said Devon Gholam, Ph.D., Innovation Director, Parker’s Plant Based Foods. “We understand consumer focus on gut health and science has shown how our gut is linked to several other systems within the human body. Evidence-based research shows PreforPro supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, which fuel digestive and immune health.”

Parker’s Plant Based Quad Protein Smoothie is delicious, superfood-driven and can be used to supplement a variety of a family’s favorite foods. Smoothies can be purchased easily and directly on the Parker’s website. To spark ideas on how to incorporate the smoothies into everyday lifestyles, Parker’s has also collaborated with Chef Anthony Quagliata to highlight tasty recipes.

PreforPro® is a registered trademark of Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, Inc. To buy and learn more about Parker’s Plant Based Foods, and its new Quad Protein Smoothie, visit

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