The assortment delivers a broad range of sugar-free gummy supplements to support consumer needs across key vitamin and supplement segments

Nature_Made_Introduces_Zero_Sugar‡_Gummies_to_Help_Even_More_Consumers_Incorporate_Vitamin_&_Supplement_Solutions_into_Their_Wellness_Routines (1)

Zero Sugar‡ Gummies. (Credit: Business Wire)

Nature Made, the leading national vitamin and supplement broadline brand with over 50 years of delivering high-quality products backed by science, today announces the launch of Nature Made Zero Sugar‡ Gummies, a new product line formulated to deliver the support of current Nature Made Gummies without the sugar, to offer more enjoyable supplementation experiences that align with a wider variety of dietary preferences.

“As demand for more personalized, sensory-forward consumption options continues to grow within the vitamin and supplement space – and sugar-free options remain top-of-mind for consumers in every aisle – Nature Made Zero Sugar‡ Gummies makes the industry’s most popular form more accessible to consumers with varying nutritional preferences,” says Rhonda Hoffman, Chief Growth Officer at Nature Made. “The expansion of Nature Made’s existing Gummies portfolio illustrates the brand’s unwavering commitment to delivering innovative, science-backed products that fit consumers’ lifestyle needs at every stage.”

Health and wellness remain at the forefront of today’s cultural conversation and, as easier access to niche products allows for hyper-personalized consumption habits, it’s estimated that 64% of consumers say they’ve recently purchased a zero-sugar product 1 and 42% consider low sugar an important characteristic when looking for new food and beverage items 2. However, studies indicate that American adults consume an average of 17 teaspoons of added sugar every day – more than 2 – 3 times the recommended amount for men and women respectively3.

Acknowledging the discrepancy between adoption of sugar-free options and actual consumption, paired with the understanding that many consumers who turn to supplements for nutritional support are mindful of introducing additional sugar into their diets, scientists at Nature Made formulated Nature Made Zero Sugar‡ Gummies to provide a sugar-free alternative that tastes great and offers the same nutrient support as found in traditional Nature Made Gummies.

Comprised of five core offerings curated to reflect the need states most relevant to current consumer priorities – Nature Made Zero Sugar‡ Multivitamin Gummies, Nature Made Zero Sugar‡ Vitamin C Gummies, Nature Made Zero Sugar‡ Vitamin D3 Gummies, Nature Made Zero Sugar‡ B-12 Gummies, and Nature Made Zero Sugar‡ Melatonin Gummies – the assortment provides nutrients to support immune and bone health, cellular energy, sleep, and overall wellbeing in a variety of flavors †. Each product has also earned the United States Pharmacopeia’s (USP) Verified Dietary Supplement mark through rigorous third-party verification to meet stringent purity and potency criteria, in alignment with many products found in the brand’s comprehensive lineup of key vitamins and supplements.

Nature Made Zero Sugar‡ Gummies are now available at, with Amazon, Target, Walgreens, and other major retailers nationwide rolling out the assortment in the coming weeks and months.

Source: Company Press Release