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Home » pressreleases » Vetter launches Vetter-Ject® – A new syringe closure system for highly-sensitive compounds

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Vetter launches Vetter-Ject® – A new syringe closure system for highly-sensitive compounds

Vetter today has announced the release of Vetter-Ject®, a novel closure system for prefilled syringes. By this closure part a baked-in siliconization of an integrated needle syringe can be realized. That allows the use in highly-sensitive compounds such as biologics. The tamper-evident closure system, combined with an integrated staked needle, supports the product integrity of Vetter-Ject. At the development of Vetter- Ject particular emphasis was laid on the usability. The system has already earned two prestigious international prizes.

Today, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are increasingly developing drugs that incorporate sensitive and complex compounds. To best administer these drugs to the patient requires an injection system that can be used flexibly while being safe and simple to handle. Vetter-Ject® is such a system. Consisting of a needle hub and a needle shield, the new syringe closure system is partly produced by means of a 2-component injection molding process of polypropylene and thermoplastic elastomer.

Individually adaptable siliconization

Due to the baked-in siliconization process for the glass barrel, less silicon oil than commonly used is necessary, making Vetter-Ject® particularly suitable for silicon-sensitive drug products. The silicon content of the syringe can also be adjusted according to the requirements of the customer. Thus, the amount of silicon used; as well as the related particle load, can be reduced by up to 80% when compared to the standard siliconization process applied to conventional syringe systems.

Safety and convenience for the patient

Vetter-Ject is ready-to-use with an integrated needle that is simple to handle and user-friendly. The tamper-evident closure enables that any attempt at opening of the closure system will be immediately and permanently visible to the naked eye. This product attribute is activated when the needle shield is removed and plastic bridges are broken, preventing any potential misuse or reuse. Vetter-Ject can be used with a wide range of primary packaging options like different stoppers and glass barrels, which can be customized according to the needs of the drug product. Moreover Vetter provides complete sterile fill and finish services and offers as part of its packaging service the assembly and final packaging of Vetter-Ject syringe systems; from trays and plunger rod assembly, to auto-injector assembly and final packaging.

"Our patented syringe closure system offers pharmaceutical and biotech companies more options for filling highly sensitive parenteral drugs," says Tilman Roedle, director packaging development at Vetter. "Patients and qualified medical personnel now have the advantage of the system’s easy handling and high standards for product safety and integrity."

International recognition

Recognizing its novel design, Vetter’s new syringe closure system has already been the recipient of two international awards prior to its launch: the IF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award. "The fact that two eminent juries recognize the novel attributes of Vetter-Ject, clearly demonstrates the full potential of our innovation," says Thomas Otto, managing director at Vetter.

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