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Bringing pharma standards to the nutraceutical world!


Neuro-Sys: your partner for nutraceutical development

With an increasing demand from the nutraceutical market to evaluate the efficacy of extracts, ingredients and natural products on ageing diseases, Neuro-Sys has developed an innovative platform and a standardised, tailored method for nutraceuticals, which offers customers a cost-effective way to get the pharmacological and analytical profiles of their products.

To best meet the needs and high expectations of customers, Neuro-Sys has equipped itself with a green-extraction laboratory.

To optimise the extraction of active compounds from plant material, Neuro-Sys uses innovative technics such as ultrasound or microwave extraction as well as classic extraction methods: maceration or decoction. The innovative extraction methods allow us to decrease the extraction time from several days needed for maceration to several minutes using ultrasound assisted extraction. The ecological part of the extraction is also a priority for us in the context of sustainable development. We only use water and/or ethanol, or their mixes as solvents in all of our extraction methods.

Moreover, this laboratory has analytical and pharmacological platforms that allow us to realise the chemical and neuropharmacological profiling of extracts. Concretely, this means that the customer can determine the qualities of any natural species e.g. plants, sponges, mushrooms… and whether or not it acts on a neurodegenerative disease. If we find any biological activity we can also determine the mechanism of action. The active compounds characterisation can be realised using different chromatographic methods, such as ultra-high-performance liquid or thin layer chromatographies.

For example, if we have determined two or three active compounds from an extract, our scientists can determine the most active ratios between them. These compounds and their mixes at different ratios are then tested on neurons that are grown in vitro. If the synergistic activity is demonstrated, this composition can then be patented.

The industrialisation of the product development is an important step. Once fabrication process on a laboratory scale is validated, we help our customers to up-scale to pilot and then to industrial levels.

With considerable experience in the development of multiple drug candidates, Neuro-Sys’ team of experts offers a development plan according to all regulatory and non-regulatory requirements specific to its clients’ drug candidate. Neuro-Sys also offers its clients the possibility to assist them in writing the regulatory documentation – investigator’s brochures and investigational medicinal product dossiers – to correspond with the regulatory authorities or ethic committees for clinical trial authorisation.

Contact Bringing pharma standards to the nutraceutical world!

Bringing pharma standards to the nutraceutical world!