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Mushrooms for improvement


Mycotrition: Raw materials not only as a dietary supplement

High-quality powders and extracts made from medicinal mushrooms in conventional and organic quality, manufactured in Germany, tested by independent laboratories and at a fair price – this is what is offered by the new Mycotrition GmbH based in Stra├člach near Munich in the B2B sector. Customers for medicinal mushroom raw materials are by no means only manufacturers of products for targeted and holistic dietary supplementation. Thanks to their positive properties, medicinal
mushrooms are an option for a whole array of other applications.

Rich in bioactive substances and nutrients

Medicinal mushrooms are rich in protein and fibre, have a low glycaemic index and are also low in calories, which makes them an outstanding component of a healthy diet. However, above all, they contain many micronutrients and highly interesting, partially mushroom-specific bioactive substances with different positive effects on the human organism. The
substances that are particularly exciting nutritionally include various secondary components such as polysaccharide structures, which possess verified immunomodulating and anti-tumoral properties. What’s more, triterpenes, lectins and antioxidants, among others, with inflammationregulating or cholesterol-reducing effects should be mentioned. The various vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and fatty acids contained in the medicinal mushrooms are not only significant with regard to absorption via the digestive tract but can sometimes also be interesting for external use on the skin.

From dietary supplements to bath additives

With this in mind, it is possible to explain the many opportunities to sensibly use medicinal mushrooms to benefit people – besides the classic form as a dietary supplement. Medicinal mushrooms can be combined well with additional vitamins, minerals or even plant-derived active substances as part of an orthomolecular nutritional strategy. However, in the precisely
dosed powder or extract form, they can also add a special health boost, for instance, to coffee or tea, energy drinks, soups or smoothies, muesli bars, cookies, or chocolate. Besides use in food, it is also possible to supplement valuable components in the field of cosmetics based on good natural products. Specifically, formulations in creams, lotions and bath additives, as well as decorative cosmetics, are conceivable here.

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Mushrooms for improvement