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Home » pressreleases » Copan Group: from the efforts against the pandemic to the investments for a sustainable development

Copan Group


Copan Group: from the efforts against the pandemic to the investments for a sustainable development

Since the beginning of the health emergency, Copan has produced more than two billion swabs, a volume that can test, at least once, more than a quarter of the world population. Seemingly simple plastic and nylon objects, these swabs have proved to be an indispensable tool for accurately diagnosing COVID-19 infections and tracing outbreaks.

Thanks to these products, the automation for microbiology laboratories, and a global industrial strategy, Copan Group has promptly contributed to the fight against COVID-19, obtaining excellent results also from an economic point of view. In 2021, the turnover generated by Copan was 395 million euros, an increase of 29.76% compared to the previous year. Against a Gross Operating Margin of Euro 173.58 million (equal to 42.8% of revenues), the Net Result reached Euro 112 million. And not only that. At the end of 2021, Copan’s net invested capital amounted to Euro 254.6 million and was fully financed from its funds of Euro 392.3 million. The net financial position goes from 74.5 to 137.7 million.

“We have achieved this by expanding volumes to respond to the demand, not by increasing prices on the market, which we have deemed unethical since the pandemic began.” Explains Stefania Triva, President of the Group.

These results proved to be preparatory to a period in which the pandemic will become endemic, and unprecedented market balances, raw material, and energy costs will impact the company budget. To face these critical issues and mitigate the global supply chain crisis’s negative effects, Copan has made investments to increase its production capacity close to foreign markets, expanding production sites in the United States and Asia-Pacific. An approach that the Group’s CEO summarizes in the 2021 Annual Report “Think global and act local.”

“Addressing the logistics aspects of our business is just one of the advantages of this expansion – continues Stefania Triva – with these investments, we have made our company even more sustainable. Just think of the tons of CO2 saved by localizing part of the production closer to the target market.” Sustainability: this is the keyword on which Copan bases the biennium 2022/2023. All round sustainability, from the economic to the environmental and the social point of view, to consolidate the Group’s role in the global market.

The current key project of the Group’s strategy is a new production hub in Vietnam, which is scheduled to open at the end of 2023: a site of more than 20 thousand square meters – strongly characterized by production flexibility – which will support the existing Shanghai hub in the management of the Asia-Pacific market.

This hub will enter an extremely competitive context, now covered by dozens of local producers. “Although Brescia will remain the cornerstone of our production and strategic activity, only with a localized production we will be able to safeguard the volumes currently sold in that region and defend the remaining market,” explains Stefania Triva.

In the Brescia area, an important project concerns the town of Castel Mella, where the transformation of an industrial area will give rise to a production site with a fully automated warehouse. The project will pay particular attention to the design of open spaces, and to this end, the technical team appointed by the company includes an experienced landscape designer. By reducing the overall impact of vehicle traffic generated by the company and the organic design of green spaces and interior spaces, the goal is to improve the quality of life outside and inside the factory.

Both these projects are characterized by strong attention to environmental issues supported by specific studies and procedures and thrust towards cutting-edge energy efficiency, as indeed were the Copan projects well before the energy crisis. To date, all interventions on existing sites are based on the conversion to renewable energy and efficiency, for example, with the use of photovoltaic and geothermal energy, the recovery of thermal energy, and waste management, to name a few. As always, these projects will be accompanied by initiatives aimed at improving the well-being of employees and the valorization of human capital, a fundamental resource for the good performance of the company.

“From the environment to the person, the drive towards sustainability is a team effort,” concludes Stefania Triva, “facing together the challenges that today’s world poses with the creativity that distinguishes us is what allows Copan to achieve these extraordinary results.”

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