SAZ hospitals will use Philips solutions for patient monitoring and self-management

Philips signs multiyear strategic partnership agreement with Dutch SAZ group. (Credit: Koninklijke Philips N.V.)

Philips and the Dutch SAZ (Association of Collaborating General Hospitals), comprising 28 hospitals, have entered into a 5-year partnership, for connected care solutions.

Under the terms of the partnership, Philips will offer advanced patient monitoring and population health management solutions to the SAZ network hospitals.

Philips solutions will enable the monitoring, observation and self-management of patients across the care journey, both inside and outside the hospitals.

SAZ president Bert Kleinlugtenbeld said: “The SAZ unites 28 regional hospitals, which are together making the move from being hospitals to a health organization. In doing so, the strength of the SAZ is that we act together and learn from each other.

“Our strategic direction is to move care to the patient’s home wherever possible. We also see an important role for prevention. In making this move, removing the burden from the patient and the care provider is central.

“With Philips, we will do this by using the latest technological innovations in the field of patient monitoring and population health management, strengthening our cooperation in patient-centric care.”

SAZ hospitals to use Philips biosensor and IntelliVue Guardian software

As part of the partnership, ten of the SAZ hospitals would commence the activities, focused on hospital care or care in the community, in this year.

The in-hospital applications include early detection of patient deterioration on nursing wards using Philips’ IntelliVue Guardian Solution, which is already in use at Bravis hospital in Bergen op Zoom and Roosendaal, the Netherlands.

Bravis hospital is also already using Philips’ wearable biosensor, which will enhance the connection between patient monitoring in the hospital’s ICU and nursing wards, reducing the length of ICU stay and prevent ICU re-admissions.

The hospital aims for a reduction in the time spent by nurses on administration, by creating an automatic link between the Philips biosensor, Philips IntelliVue Guardian software and the hospital’s EMR system.

Other hospitals are expected to begin home monitoring and self-management projects for patients, similar to IJsselland Hospital in Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands.

The solutions enable patients to measure their blood pressure and weight at home, and the data is monitored by heart failure nurses in the hospital.

Philips health systems general manager Léon Kempeneers Benelux said: “We look forward to continue working with the regional SAZ hospitals to provide the right care in the right place.

“Through this collaboration with the SAZ, our connected care solutions can be scaled up more easily within the Netherlands’ regional hospitals. Our goal is to improve care by using technology to relieve the burden on patients and caregivers.