The facility was previously used by Nephron Pharmaceuticals for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified sterile manufacturing operations


Image: Khrysos Industries, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Youngevity International, operates new hemp processing and manufacturing facility. Photo: Courtesy of Youngevity International.

Khrysos Industries, a hemp-based CBD extraction equipment provider, has leased 82,000ft2 manufacturing facilityin Orlando, Florida, US, to handle its post processing hemp derived products and finished goods.

Khrysos said that the single use building was previously used by Nephron Pharmaceuticals for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified sterile manufacturing operations.

Khrysos president Dwayne Dundore said: “We believe this facility provides us the opportunity to accelerate our post processing and manufacturing capabilities by approximately two years in terms of production output.

“The amenities and the infrastructure within the facility saves us significant CAPEX expense, and, more importantly, provides us the ability to grow more rapidly to meet market demand.

“We are in the process of moving over our post processing equipment and the extensive power systems in this facility allows us to scale as needed.  We expect post processing to be up and running in September and we will then set up our finished product manufacturing lines.”

The new facility has 10,000ft2 of air-conditioned warehouse capability

The facility features an advanced 46,200ft2 production area, including a 5,200ft2 workspace supporting sterile class C7 production. The facility is provided with 5000amp of 480v 3 phase power through a utility system for continuous operation throughout the facility.

In addition, the facility is equipped with a high purity reverse osmosis water system, 10,000ft2 of air-conditioned warehouse capability, 1,500ft2 secure vault for storing valuable finished goods and ingredients, completelymonitored by a SCADA system.

Khrysos Industries is a wholly owned subsidiary of Youngevity International (YGYI), a US-based lifestyle company that offers hybrid of the direct selling business model, with e-commerce and the social selling.

Furthermore, Khrysos Industries is engaged in manufacture of commercial hemp-based CBD extraction, post processing equipment for hemp growers, feedstock suppliers, and CBD crude oil producers along with intellectual capital, production consultancy, tolling services, and wholesale CBD channel sales capabilities.

YGYI president and CFO Dave Briskie said: “This facility provides us the opportunity to shift our business plan from multiple processing locations to a centralized processing and manufacturing solution.

“Additionally, this should resolve the power issues that has become an industry challenge and provides us a significant increase in capacities within our production and manufacturing operations on an accelerated timeline.”