DuPont gluten-free

Combining Strengths to Create a Leading Force in Gluten-free Solutions

Listening to Popular Taste

Demand for gluten-free products has grown over the past ten years, rising in prominence from a niche offering to a worldwide, mainstream market. In fact, according to Innova Market Insight’s database, more than 10% of new bakery launches in Europe were labeled as gluten-free during 2017.

While only an estimated one percent of the population is gluten-intolerant as a result of coeliac disease, Mintel Group’s market research reports that the percentage of consumers buying gluten-free products is considerably higher: 11% of consumers in Italy and the United Kingdom, and 8% in France and Spain.

In order to gain a complete understanding of consumer behavior, preferences and attitudes toward gluten-free bakery products, DuPont Nutrition & Health commissioned its own consumer study in France, Italy, Spain and the UK in spring 2017. The survey results revealed untapped potential for bakers to develop better-quality products – and more of them – with better nutritional profiles.

Findings from the DuPont survey indicate that healthy living is a primary driver of gluten-free sales in all four markets. They also suggest opportunities in the current range of gluten-free bakery products to improve quality and widen availability. Consumers are becoming more demanding and they expect that gluten-free options will match the taste and texture of their traditional counterparts.

In terms of demographics, most gluten-free consumers are aged 16 to 44, with younger millennials accounting for the majority of sales in United Kingdom and France. The study also hinted at consumer behaviour, suggesting that gluten-free products are mainly purchased for breakfast and snacks.

Custom-Made Solutions

The survey’s findings have provided valuable insights to support gluten-free trials at the DuPont Nutrition & Health bakery application center. Gluten-free bakery trials were performed exploring key production parameters, different recipes and ingredient combinations. Our main focus was to improve processing efficiency, texture and sensory properties, including taste, appearance and freshness.

Two of the most respected ingredient suppliers in the world, Dow and DuPont, have merged to become a driving force in the gluten-free bakery space. The new portfolio of DuPont Nutrition & Health brings Dow’s leading gluten-free ingredients − METHOCEL and WELLENCE − together with DuPont’s outstanding track record in formulating traditional baking recipes.

The end result is a company that offers customers one of the most comprehensive portfolio of gluten-free bakery solutions on the market. The newly combined portfolio includes a wide range of hydrocolloids, enzymes, emulsifiers, proteins, fibers and various other ingredients suitable for gluten-free bakery products.

DuPont N&H solutions

  • Hydrocolloids
  • Enzymes
  • Emulsifiers
  • Fibers
  • Proteins
  • Systems.

Benefits in gluten-free bakery

  • Excellent dough handling and elasticity
  • Processing robustness
  • Higher volume
  • More regular crumb structure and shape
  • Texture enhancement
  • Improved moistness
  • Increased softness and freshness over shelf life.

The newly combined team brings together experts with extensive experience in gluten-free formulations and ingredients functionality.