The new Amazon Clinic will be accessible initially in 32 states and will offer virtual care for various common health ailments


Amazon has unveiled its virtual health storefront, Amazon Clinic. (Credit: Christian Wiediger on Unsplash)

Amazon has launched a virtual health storefront, Amazon Clinic in the US to offer virtual care for more than 20 common health ailments like allergies, hair loss, and acne.

The virtual health clinic service is initially available in 32 states.

It intends to connect users with telehealth providers for a message-based consultation and treatment. However, the service does not include health insurance.

Amazon said that the users can choose telehealth providers from its network, based on their preferences. Each of the telehealth providers on the Amazon Clinic network is said to have passed a stringent customer experience and clinical quality assessment process.

Users have to fill up a short intake questionnaire, following which they can connect directly to their clinician via a secure message-based interface, said Amazon.

A customised treatment plan with any necessary medications will be sent to the patient’s selected pharmacy through the portal by the clinician, following the message-based consultation.

Amazon stated: “Virtual care isn’t right for every problem—and if we think that may be the case, we will let you know upfront, before you connect with a provider. Our goal is to make sure you get the care that’s right for you.”

For customers, the price of consultations includes follow-up meetings with their clinician for up to two weeks after the initial consultation.

The online retailer plans to expand Amazon Clinic to additional states over the coming months.

The launch of the virtual health storefront by Amazon follows the introduction of Amazon Pharmacy in 2020, which provides door delivery of medications to customers. In July this year, Amazon signed a deal to acquire One Medical, a technology-powered primary care provider in the US, for $3.9bn.