Under the agreement, Lundbeck will have access to Alloy Therapeutics’ antibody discovery services as well as its SeqImmune discovery module


Since 2020, Lundbeck has licenced Alloy Therapeutics’ ATX-Gx humanised transgenic mouse platform. (Credit: Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash)

US-based biotechnology ecosystem company Alloy Therapeutics said that it is partnering with pharmaceutical company Lundbeck to discover new biologics therapies for brain health.

Under the agreement, Lundbeck will get access to Alloy Therapeutics’ antibody discovery services as well as its SeqImmune discovery module.

SeqImmune is a sequence-first workflow to capture early repertoires and generate a large amount of initial diversity.

Since 2020, Lundbeck has licenced the ATX-Gx humanised transgenic mouse platform of Alloy Therapeutics.

Alloy Therapeutics founder and CEO Errik Anderson said: “Our relationship with Lundbeck is a reflection of how we work to support the global scientific community in their mission to advance the best medicines for patients.

“We are grateful that Lundbeck has been collaborating with us for years on our platform technology and have put their trust in us as an extension of their discovery services team with this expanded partnership leveraging our SeqImmune antibody discovery workflow.”

The collaboration is expected to strengthen the two firms’ relationship as Lundbeck seeks capabilities that will support its efforts to develop new biologics therapies.

Lundbeck biotherapeutic discovery VP Allan Jensen said: “We have been impressed with Alloy’s innovative mindset and shared commitment to its partners’ success, and we are excited to complement Lundbeck’s internal scientific expertise with Alloy’s sophistication around biologics discovery.”

Alloy Therapeutics, which was established in 2017, aims to ease foundational, pre-competitive biologics discovery technologies, and know-how to make better medicine starting with ATX-Gx.

Its antibody discovery service supports companies to develop therapeutic antibodies across modalities like TCRs, antibodies, peptides, genetic medicines, cell therapies, and drug delivery.

The company provides translational medicine, bispecific engineering, and advanced antibody production support as well.

The biotherapeutic discovery unit at Lundbeck is committed to restoring brain health via the discovery and development of antibodies and biologics. The firm has research facilities in Denmark and the US along with production facilities in Denmark, Italy, and France.