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Supply chain challenges before biosimilars

Amgen creates biosimilars – medicines that are similar in structure to an original ‘reference product’.|It is vital that a biosimilar has no differences from the reference product that would cause issues in terms of safety or effectiveness.

Ensuring drug safety during clinical trials

RBM can support and enhance practices that are designed to ensure patient safety.|A centralised approach requires a steady, reliable flow of data from each study site to the central monitoring system, through either manually entered and transferred data, or an automated connection between the data entry system and central dashboard.

Integrated data management can cut down trial cost

The biopharmaceutical industry is trying to harness potential digital connectivity.|Technology will need to evolve in step with increasing amounts of data and this, in turn, will require that those using it will need a thorough understanding of how to analyse the reams of new information in order to put it to best use.

Unblinded study medication for better clinical trials

Packaging can influence patients’ attitudes to the treatments they receive in trials.|A primary goal of blinding should be to limit the likelihood of patents being able to differentiate between products based on appearance.

Power of real-world data in clinical trials

Combining EHRs with other metrics gives researchers a detailed picture of a patient’s health.|The proliferation of new databases and a decentralised recruitment system means that researchers must be careful to balance RWD’s power with patient confidentiality.

Importance of clinical trial transparency

As part of its Clinical Trial Transparency initiative, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) mandated a requirement for clinical trial sponsors to prepare a summary of the results of

Are doctors mistreating obesity?

Programmes like the Dubai Fitness Challenge encourage people to be more active on a daily basis. This is a positive change, but more can be done – especially in the healthcare sector.|Misdiagnosis could be attributed to the belief that obesity is a lifestyle choice. In fact, air pollution, using plastic and many other extraneous factors are related to weight gain.

Egypt’s successful fight against Hepatitis C

Sayed (far left) was a speaker at the Free C Child symposium, which was supported by the Egyptian Liver Care Society (ELSC), a non-governmental organisation.|Members of the ELSC, which include famous actress Yousra (third from the left) and chair Yousriya Loza-Sawiris (second from the left). Sayed is third from the right.